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Chainsaw Safety Guide

Safety when operating your chainsaw is important to everyone using one. This includes beginners as well as advanced chainsaw users. Here is guide of our top safety chainsaw tips.

Read your instruction manual

This is very important for a newly purchased chainsaw. Every chainsaw is different in design and operation, thus, even if you have used one before the one you have now may require a different technique in order to use the chainsaw safely. This tip is much more important for beginners in order to avoid serious injuries occurring.

Operating a petrol chainsaw

With a petrol chainsaw ensure the petrol cap is sealed correct and the saw is fully fuelled. Always have the petrol cap facing at the top when storing or carrying the saw. Doing so will prevent leaking. Additionally, use a 2 stroke fuel with petrol machines.

Operating an electric chainsaw

ensure your power cord is long enough for your job. If not a cable extension will be required. Additionally, always have your cord behind your body and away from the blade or around a wet area. This will avoid any accidents occurring.

Operating a cordless chainsaw

Ensure the batteries in your chainsaw are charged to the max. Doing so will make your chainsaw work at its optimal speed, thus, giving you the best chainsaw cut.

Servicing your chainsaw

Make sure you keep your chainsaw in good condition according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes frequently checking the tension of the chain as they tend to stretch with use. A chain that is too loose is more likely to derail and whip about; a chain that is too tight will bind and wear too quickly. Other important items to check include the chain brake, the stop switch and the lubrication to the guide bar. Preferably these checks should be repeated at regular intervals throughout the session of use. Performing these maintenance tasks will ensure longevity with your chainsaw.

Wearing the correct safety equipment

There are many safety precautions you can take to protect your body when operating your chainsaw. It is important to use a hard hat to protect your head from any falling debris. Preferably one with a safety visor. Additionally, you will need a strong pair of gloves (e.g mechanix range) made with anticult material. ear defenders to protect your ears from the continued level of noise that is often above the limit required by law and safety boots with metal toe caps to protect your feet

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