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Stihl 3/8 1.6 72 Link Rapid Duro Chain

Stihl Saw Chain
Stihl Chains
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Product Description

Stihl 3/8 1.6 72 Link Rapid Duro Chain

Resistance is futile: the new Rapid Duro 3 carbide-tipped saw chain stays sharp for at least four times as long as conventional saw chains, even in extreme conditions. The extra hard cutters won't go blunt even if they come into contact with the ground and they're specially designed to handle wood contaminated with cement residues. So you can cut yourself some slack when it comes to sharpening your chain.

  • 20" / 50CM BAR
  • 3/8"
  • 1.6mm Track
  • 72 Links
  • The carbide-tipped blades ensure that the cutters on the Rapid Duro 3 saw chain stay sharp for at least four times as long as conventional saw chains. Especially when working under extreme conditions, for example when cutting dirty wood.
  • The premium gold colour of the cutters is produced by a special heat treatment.
  • The single-humped drive link in front of each cutter ensures smoother running characteristics and reduces kickback.
  • Arrowheads in the connection element indicate the running direction.
  • The bevelled design of the cutting teeth enables them to tilt backwards, producing a cushioning effect. The result: 30% less vibrations than standard saw chains.
  • Oil channels in the saw chain links funnel oil directly into the rivets. Hollows in the links improve lubrication by 10% and increase the chain's service life.
  • STIHL is the only chain saw manufacturer in the world that also develops its own saw chains and guide bars. This means that the three components are guaranteed to match each other perfectly.
  • STIHL saw chains are manufactured with Swiss precision in our STIHL factory in Wil, Switzerland. They are made using special machines that have also been developed and manufactured by STIHL.
  • STIHL saw chains not only deliver outstanding cutting performance on STIHL chain saws, but are also excellent on chain saws from other manufacturers.
If you cannot find the specific chain in our pre-prepared selection for selected makes and models, and you are unfamiliar with the type and size of your required chain, please find below a guide as to determine which chain is for you. Most manufacturers will engrave the measurements for the type of chain to be used on the saw on the guide bar. However, where this isn't available you will need to provide us with some info.

Send us an email to sales@lawnmowerpartsonline.co.uk with your measurements and/or model and guide bar length.

There are three measurements that every chainsaw user must know ahead of time to match the right size chainsaw chain to their chainsaw:
  1. Pitch
  2. Gauge
  3. Number of Drive Links

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Stihl 20 " MS291, MS311, MS391, MS362, MS441, MS460

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