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SOLO Chainsaw and Chainsaw parts supplier in UK

SOLO Chainsaw and Chainsaw parts supplier in UK

SOLO offers reliable and professional technology that ensures comfortable working. SOLO power chainsaws with their innovative technology, high output and the use of light but extremely strong materials ensure the lightest possible stress on users and the lowest environment pollution. SOLO offers the right power saw for any application and every performance demand. Your SOLO specialist will be your competent partner for advice and service.

Durable engine with nickel/silicon-coated cylinder walls and SOLO 4-port transfer technology ensure a long service life and clean combustion as well as optimum use of fuel

Electronic, maintenance-free and dust-proof ignition. Efficient coolingfan to maintain optimum engine
temperature. Advanced materials combined with innovative design.

Decompression valve - starting couldn‘t be easier. Adjusted for minimum engine compression during starting process

The SOLO quick-stop chain brake is triggered automatically by the front hand shield in case of strong kick-back.
Internal high grade centrifugal clutches with, in most cases, 3 centrifugal weights for optimum power transmission.

The SOLO multi-point anti-vibration system with rubber mounts or highquality steel springs, absorbs practically
all engine and chain vibrations. Working for long periods is no longer a problem.

SOLO EasyStart system with primer and half-throttle mechanism.
Precise fuel metering and air intake for a smooth start. No more tiresome tugging on the starter cord.

Extremely robust and durable magnesium/plastic crankcase.
Heat-stabilised. Highly impact resistant.
Compact design. Easy to maintain and service.

An effective air pre-filter outside the contaminated area
doubles the filter effect and provides longer cleaning intervals.
For you this means longer sawing.

Ergonomically arranged operating controls. No tools required for tank lids

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