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Bosch Lawn Mowers and Trimmers for sale UK

Bosch Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers: the classical garden tools. A powerful lawnmower is part of the indispensable basic equipment required by ambitious garden owners. Only by regularly maintaining and cutting your lawn will you be able to enjoy the sight of a beautiful garden. The electrically powered models especially have many advantages: you no longer have to tire yourself out pushing or pulling these tools around, and they have a low weight and are easy to steer. What’s more, mains-powered lawnmowers do not blow stinking petrol fumes into the air, which makes working in the garden somewhat more pleasant. Powerful Bosch lawnmowers are therefore also available as cordless tools. Special grass trimmers from Bosch are ideal for the precise finishing cut in inaccessible areas. The high quality of Bosch garden tools enables not only safe and professional work, but also gives you the pleasure of finishing your gardening work quickly.

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Bosch Grass Trimmers

The bigger and more complex your garden is, the more you have to work to maintain the lawn edges along paths, walls, trees and flower beds. Bosch has a complete range of corded and cordless grass trimmers for this.
The lightweight cordless grass trimmers from Bosch offer unlimited freedom of movement without having to untangle a cable. The innovative blade system is energy efficient and ensures an accurate cut.

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